WINNERS EQUINE PRODUCTS is proud to announce:

We have completed our compliance with HISA/HIWU Regulations.

All New packaging released from our distribution warehouses from 4/8/23 will comply with HISA/HIWU packaging/labeling guidelines.

We at Winners Equine, from the start, have produced products that are at the forefront of the horse industry and only use the highest quality ingredients.

We thank all of our loyal customers for making us what we are today!

We will always provide exceptional products and excellent customer support. Our #1 goal is to deliver the best for your horses health and well being.

With much appreciation, 

Winner Equine Products 

The Solution You Have Been Searching For

The X-Treme Air Natural Herb Product line helps respiratory health in horses. Also helps with mucus and allregy symptoms in all disciplines of horses.


Peace of Mind

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