X-Treme Gut Health
X-Treme Gut Health

X-Treme Gut Health

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For complete digestive care. 14 day system. 

  • Supports foregut and hindgut health
  • Formulated to help support digestive health
  • Will not test
  • No withdrawal time


Note: After initial 14 day dosage of 2 scoops a day, give 1 scoop a day as a regular maintenance supplement.

Winners Equine Products are the alternative for better health. Using the best quality ingredients available, for healthier conditioning and training purposes. 

Horses that are hard keepers, specially gut prone horses...Here's is a suggested feed protocol.

Alfalfa pellets (soak with water)
Hulless oats, groats, or grimped oats cooked for maximum digestion.

Mix Alfalfa and oats together, add a teaspoon of sea salt and drizzle with pure honey (a natural antibiotic)
2 scoops of X-Treme Gut Health(first 14 days, then continue with 1 scoop a day after) When using X-Treme Gut Health, please don't use any other stomach products, omeprazole omeprazole "type products" or any other gut products. The chemicals in those products will inhibit the X-Treme Gut Health from Performing at its best. Trust the herbs!

Feed a medium amount of fresh Alfalfa, but not to much and plenty of Timothy or Orchard hay, as much as they will eat.

3oz of apple cider vinegar a day.

In 5-7 days you will see a difference, in 14 days you will see a huge difference.

Remember hard grains are very hard to digest and bad for gut prone horses.

 **These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.