Extra benefits for your horse using X-Treme Air Daily

Our X-Treme Air products have been formulated by the most brilliant minds in herbal technology to help respiratory health in horses. 


Extra benefits for your horse using X-Treme Air Daily include:

  • Respiratory health
  • Helps to combat allergy symptoms and mucus
  • Increase overall respiratory health
  • Helps to improve focus, alertness and brain function
  • Helps to improve lung capacity
  • Helps to improve stamina - respiratory recovery
  • Helps to boost immune system to help the effects of shipping and environmental changes
  • Maximize overall health
  • Helps to improve hoof growth
  • Helps to stimulate appetite. Mix one scoop daily herbs with a little water and honey and administer orally twice a day until horses appetite improves. Then add to grain feedings as directed. 
Did you know horses on layup and stall rest will benefit from our daily herbs? Because of the dust from shavings, hay and environment allergens horses will get mucus and allergy symptoms, but Winners Equine Daily herbs will help them stay healthy.