We suggest a feed program with low sugar/low glycemic index for horses with respiratory issues. Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Barrel Racing, Polo, Harness Racing, Cross Country and Endurance horses can benefit from our groundbreaking supplement and feed protocol.

Use a beet pulp based grain with no corn and low or no sugar/molasses. Cut out Alfalfa hay. Feed a good straight Timothy hay. Please consult with your local feed dealer or contact us for feed suggestions or questions. 


Winners Help Line: 855-537-8463


*disregard sweet feed for sport horses (Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, etc.)




If using Lasix, continue with normal amounts in conjunction with our products. Keep all your regular protocols in place and just add in our X-Treme Air products and feed protocol program to your normal routine.


We guarantee that if you follow our feeding suggestions and the X-Treme Air  protocol below, you WILL SEE RESULTS

X-Treme Air Protocol:


Quick reference feed protocol
Here is what we do and our work protocol "Quick" reference guide.

1) X-Treme Air daily 2 times a day.

2) X-Treme 3 Day PreWork before any work.

3) 1 Boost paste 4-6 hours before work. If horse has severe respiratory issues, one the night before also.

4) Give Lasix if still available (consult your veterinarian) before any extreme work. 

5) No B12 or creatine, also no "niacin" products like in a blood builder, try to avoid blood builder products in general. If you jug, make sure there's no B12 in jug.

6) Feed a low sugar (including low molasses) and no corn or corn products in diet. Beet pulp based grains/senior feeds preferred (low glycemic). If you see molasses in the first 3 ingredients stay away. Can substitute real honey for sweetness and rice bran oil if feeding oils, but no corn or vegetable oils. 
Remember, peppermints are sugar, feed carrots or apples as a treat.

7) Give pure vitamin C (not a blend) and L-Arginine and BCAA daily as directed. 

8) Cut out Alfalfa or use very little, use a straight Timothy or Orchard. 

9) If a horse has had a respiratory incident, give full regiment of (as prescribed by vet) antibiotics and full regiment of anti fungal. 

10) Avoid electrolytes that have sugar/dextrose, use a salt lick or our X-Treme Sweat and restore, because it is also the ultimate electrolyte with no sugar.

11. 3oz apple cider vinegar a day.

Note: Sugar/dextrose and other sugars are the enemy of a horse with respiratory issues. Also corn and corn byproducts cause inflammation in the lungs and joints and should be avoided. 

*X-Treme Boost Paste and X-Treme Force is used for training purposes 



Here is a suggested list of Do's and Don'ts for horses with respiratory issues. 

Don'ts...Cut out these things as much as possible.

  • Oats (Limit)
  • Sugar and high sugar products
  • Molasses (Limit)
  • Corn and corn products
  • Vegetable oil that contains corn
  • Creatine
  • B-12. While B-12 is great for many horses, it is not good for horses that bleed or have respiratory issues. 

Do's....Things that you can substitute with much better benefits without negative consequences.

  • See feed protocol 
  • Substitute honey in place of sugar/molasses. This will sweeten the food naturally. Use locally harvested honey when possible. This will help with allergies and honey is a natural antibiotic 
  • Proper veterinary care
  • Use Winners Equine X-Treme Daily Respiratory System as directed.
  • Use Winners Equine X-Treme 3 day and X-Treme Boost before the work.

    These are just a few things that will help your horse be at their best.

By making these changes your horse will feel better and by feeling better will perform better.


We have found anti-fungal products with antibiotics (only by veterinary prescription) after your horse shows signs of respiratory issues are very effective with our feed protocol and X-Treme Air products. We have seen first hand amazing results. Fulvicin and Ketoconazole are two common anti-fungal products we have used with success. 

We always suggest that you consult your veterinarian before use of any medications.


Did you know horses on layup and stall rest will benefit from our daily herbs? Because of the dust from shavings, hay, and environment allergens horses will benefit from our Winners Equine Daily herbs and will help them stay healthy.


Because when the respiratory system is working at full capacity, the oxygen level in the blood in our opinion is increased which would effect the entire body in a positive way.

Winners Equine Products are designed to maximize your horses ability to succeed!


These Statements have not been evaluated by the fda. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or or prevent any disease