X-Treme Air Boost
X-Treme Air Boost
X-Treme Air Boost

X-Treme Air Boost

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Featuring Winners Equine Products proprietary blend of the highest quality ingredients including botanicals, herbs and vitamins. 

5 times more effective than the leading bleeder paste, because it contains 5 times more active ingredients including Yunnan Baiyao.  

For best results give one tube 4 - 6 hours pre-event. 

For extreme cases, give one tube the night before and one tube 4 - 6 hours pre-event. 

Note: Different climates may effect the consistency of this product. If X-Treme Air Boost Paste becomes too thick in consistency: put a 1/8-1/4 of a cup of hot water into a cup, squeeze paste into hot water and mix. When paste becomes softer, mix in feed or use oral syringe to give orally.

X-Treme Air Protocol:

Step 1. X-Treme Air Daily herbs 2x daily. 

Step 2. X-Treme Air 3 Day Pre-Event, as directed, starting 3 days before event** or breeze. Continue with daily herbs as well.

Step 3. X-Treme Boost Paste 4 - 6 hours before event. For extra protection give one full tube the night before and one tube the morning of the event**.  

Step 4. X-Treme Force - Administer all herbs mixed with water (add honey for enhanced flavor) 4 - 5 hours before event** / breeze / 2 minute mile

*X-Treme Boost Paste and X-Treme Force Diuretic is used for training purposes (breezing, etc.)

**Event is referring to sport horses, not racing

Follow our Do's and Don'ts nutrition protocol for maximum success.  


Winners Equine Products statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.